The main goal of APA is to be recognised during the time as an excellent and reliable supplier of PVC-self-adhesive films.

In the same time APA will consolidate and improve the own position on the market in order to get a constant growing-up, an innovation and also a good profit.

This goal can be reached just through an efficient plan of control on the activities involved in the production process. This control should be stable in the time and give results, which can be reproduced and should also show a constant improvement of the surrounding company structure.

The actual market in which the company works is marked by an elevated competition, increasingly orientated towards a research for products with high value and technological contents.

To adequately reply to the market demand APA is engaged to a constant strife to improve the company structure, and the research, development and production processes as it is convinced that the “Quality” of the product depends strongly on the “Quality” of the production process and of the company.

Within the above context the APA-Quality Control System is in accordance with the norm UNI EN ISO 9001.

It is a precise engagement of APA to reach the goals through the procedures, respecting the fixed organisation system. The regular check of the quality system gives the possibility to fix detailed goals and measures the success level.

APA is continuously looking for the complete customer’s satisfaction. The components of the customer’s satisfaction are: the products conformity to the customer’s needs, quick direct deliveries and the possibility to get personalised products for the decoration market.

In order to reduce the costs and improve the Quality APA is continuously engaged in the research of the non-conformity reasons and in the effort to operate in the prevention, minimising the needs of correction actions. All what above needs a complete engagement of all the company-staff that, through his contribution, has to feel himself a part of the obtained results and he has to grow-up along with the company.

The APA General Management stimulates the suggestions since she believes in the contribution of each single company-member for the obtaining of the global quality of the products and shares and agrees every effort to the quality improvement.

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