APA offers innovative solutions to rejuvenate the furniture in your home, office or any other venue. The quality for which APA is renowned worldwide perfectly combines with design and environmental friendliness; wood grain 3D vinyl films, Demin 3D effects, Carbon fiber 3D, Briar root effect, Wood 3D lamination film.

Cover line
Ultra-stabilized “Hard Coat Vinyl”, to cover flat and corrugated surfaces. Excellent covering power and high superficial resistance to slight scratches and impacts are ensured by its formulation and thickness. Reaction to fire certification (B-S2-D0).

APA Cover is a very durable vinyl film used for furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, car interior, boat and RV interior and exterior or any other application such as walls stair railings and other decorative surfaces. The architectural vinyl film finish resembles the natural material almost exactly, making it hard to tell it is not the actual real wood that is being emulated.

The adhesive is specially formulated very strong with air-release to reduce the installation time. Configured for dry application only. 54 inches for cover also the big areas.