First released in our Original Candy Series our two New Lime Colors our now being Re-Released with the SuperCandy Technology. Our Super Candy Vinyls are a high quality cast vinyl. It is easy to work with and provides incredible coverage without losing it’s stunning metallic finish. Both colors, the Satin SuperCandy Lime and Gloss SuperCandy Lime have an electric green base color and and a vivid metallic sheen. It is the finish Satin or Gloss which determines the soft or molten metallic appearance of the product.

This refined cast film is specifically designed for with covering power and high conformability in mind. And our Innovative RepoTack-Air Free Adhesive system allows for easy application and repositioning of the vinyl during installation. The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).

The Satin Desertstorm is available in 60”x 25 yd, 60” x 27 yd or 60” x 54 yd rolls or by yards. Please note, all shipping costs are free on purchases of full rolls within the United States.

We are always researching and creating new colors and effects, so stay tuned for even more to come!