APA is a family business with a strong identity and a project that looks to the future with respect and courage that follows in the tradition of Italian spirit. The constant search for new technologies and developments is the driving force for a company that has been steadily occupying the adhesive material market for 40 years.

“I have always considered APA like a tailor shop, since we are able to develop and create products tailored to our customers and their needs. We work hard every day, but seeing the satisfaction on the face of those who trust us, repays every effort made …”


Send us your ideas and you will win a free roll if we decide to produce your color! The first person that suggest a color that we are going to produce will win a roll of that color. Try to be as precise as possible with all details that can help us understand your vision. Please upload picture if possible. 


If you have a project that is in need of a specific color, a customer that needs to match the company’s identity color or if you just want your tailored color to offer to your customers, we have the right answer. We offer custom color match service. Please fill up this form with your information and all details about the color you need. Keep in mind that we will need a physical sample to be able to match your color.

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