What is the difference between Ultrajet and Repotak?

  • UltraJet: Our newest technology. The 4th generation of our technology. Pressure Sensitive. Makes the installation process faster and easier. Easy to adjust into position because of the its slideability feature. Post heat the material after installation. 
  •  Repotak: Our 3rd Generation Technology. Heat Sensitive. Needs to be heated in order to become stretchy. Needs to be posted-heated to remove air bubbles or bumps.

Do I need to post heat?

Postheating depends on the technology of the material. If you have our material that uses the Repotak technology then you must post-heat at 215 degrees Fahrenheit

How do I store the material?

Make sure the material is stored in a cool environment

What is the best way to clean the material?

The best way to clean the material is with water and a neutral soap. Make sure the soap doesn’t have an additive, polish, or an other add ins! The more neutral the soap is the better

How do I prepare the car for installation?

Make sure the car is properly washed and free of dust before the installation process starts. 

How much does it cost to get my car wrapped?

Installation prices depend upon the individual installer. Installation prices typically range from $2,000 To $5,000.

Is APA vinyl directional?

It depends on the individual color. On our swatchbook you are able to see if it applied in one direction. For metallic colors, we recommend installing in one direction.

How do I remove the vinyl?

During the removal process it is important to apply heat with a heat gun to the vinyl, up to a temperature of 50ºC. In regards to this, pay extra attention to the painted plastic parts and areas of the bodywork that have been repainted. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the self-adhesive vinyl with the surface that it is to be applied to.

The time it takes to remove vinyl is affected by many factors, such as the time passed from the application, exposure of the decoration either outdoors or indoors, type of surface, temperature of the room and of the surface, etc.

How long does APA vinyl last?

Warranty depends on the individual product line and also how the vinyl is taken care of. To find out the warranty of the a specific product, please visit the resources tab of website. In the resources tab you can find all the technical information regarding the product lines.

Is vinyl wrap permanent?

No, vinyl wrap is not permanent.

Will the vinyl damage my car's paint?

A vehicle wrap should not damage factory or high quality paint. If the vinyl is removed properly, then the vinyl won’t leave residue, or remove any paint or clear coat.

Can you wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes you can! However, it is always best to double check with your dealership.

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