Is the Taillight vinyl strecthable?

Yes, the taillight vinyl film is stretchable like our car wrapping material. Our taillight smoke film is full cast PVC, that makes it easier to stretch with heat.

Does taillight film need to be postheated?

Yes, the taillight vinyl film needs to be post-heated at 215°F

How many shades do taillights come in?

  • APA’s Taillight vinyl film with air release channels comes in 3 different shades: Light, Medium, and Dark
  • APA’s Taillight vinyl film without air release channels comes in 2 different shades: Light and Medium
    • We even have a matte light taillight film

In which sizes does the Taillight vinyl come in?

The width of our taillight film is 19.5 inches. APA Taillight film comes in 5 yards, 25 yards, or 32 yards.

What is the difference between air release and non-air release Taillight vinyl?

Taillight smoke film with air release channels require dry application and taillight smoke film without air release require wet application.

Most of our customers prefer dry application because it makes the installation process faster and easier.

Can the taillight film be used on headlights?

Yes, taillight vinyl film can be used on headlights as well. On the headlights we recommend to use the taillights without air release. 

Can the taillight film be used as window tint?

No, taillight smoke vinyl film cannot be used as window tint. However, some of the customers use our taillight film on polycarbonate motorcycle’s windshield 

How do I prepare my taillights for the installation?

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before beginning the installation process

What does taillight film do?

Tail light film not only makes your car more stylish, but also prevents yellowing and cracking of your lights.

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