What is APA truck material?

APA TRUCK was made with goal of making the decoration of truck curtains faster and simpler, reducing expensive downtime and, above all, offering our customers a greener and healthier alternative to paint. Today, 25 years after its debut, this cast film is met with a lot of approval by a market which increasingly recognizes and appreciates its unique and unparalleled features. APA TRUCK, an ultra-conformable and elastic cast film, is formulated to stick to PVC curtains, so that they can withstand the stress to which they are subjected to daily on the roads across the world.

What is the vinyl made of?

APA truck material is cast material.

How long has this material been on the market?

Over 20 years.

What is the recommended ambient temperature for installation?

It is recommended to apply the film in a room with a temperature between 15° and 28°C.

Is there any type of transfer tape recommended for applying APA 280/290?

In order to transfer the graphics from the liner to the PVC curtain to be decorated, we suggest the use of APA AT/5 paper application tape or an application tape with a medium or low tack adhesive to avoid using too much force when removing it. Using a higher tack could result in a detachment of the vinyl from the curtain.

Is there a proper way to do a wet install with APA?

We advise against the wet application method, as the porosity of the curtain could detain parts of the liquid. The trapped liquid between the vinyl and the curtain could compromise the adhesion of the vinyl.

How to clean before application of the APA Truck vinyl?

Before applying the vinyl it is necessary to clean the PVC curtain carefully and remove any trace of grease. It is recommended to use ethyl alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol. The quick evaporation avoids any liquid drops that may remain trapped in the porosity of the curtain. In any case at the end of the cleaning use a dry cloth to eliminate any residue.

How do I prepare the truck for the application process?

In order to prepare the truck for the application process you need to clean it.

How to properly apply the APA Truck vinyl?

For a correct application of the APA Truck vinyl, place the curtain you want to decorate on a flat and rigid surface. If the curtain is placed on the truck it is necessary to put a rigid panel behind the curtain. The application of the APA Truck vinyl must be done at a temperature no less than 10°C. To obtain the maximum adhesion of the vinyl onto the curtain we recommend the dry application method. We advise against using the wet application method, as the porosity of the curtain could detain parts of the liquid. The trapped liquid between the vinyl and the curtain could compromise the adhesion of the vinyl. Use a low/medium tack application tape to avoid using too much force when removing it. Using a higher tack could result in a detachment of the vinyl from the curtain. Remove the tape at least half an hour after the application, this will allow the adhesive of the APA Truck vinyl to adhere to the curtain. The maximum adhesion of the APA Truck vinyl happens after 48 hours. Therefore, we recommend to allow the curtain rest for at least 72 hours before using the vehicle. If possible, avoid putting the vinyl on top of other vinyl and onto parts of the curtain that undergo strong excessive mechanical stress or continuous bends like the areas of opening/closure. The APA Truck vinyl must be applied onto a smooth curtain. Do not apply onto folds, creases and seams.

On what surface can I apply the truck vinyl?

The film has been formulated to weld onto PVC curtain surface.

Is there a different method for applying die cut APA?

There is not.

How long do I need to wait to laminate the printed material?

With the APA Truck vinyl for digital print it is necessary to pay much attention to the drying process of the solvents contained in the inks, as their presence could compromise the adhesion of the decoration. Before laminating the printed material with transparent vinyl L/281 or L291 (and in any case before applying the printed material on the curtain) make sure that the solvents contained in the inks are evaporated completely. The waiting period could be between 24-72 hours.

How long should we heat the graphics and at what temperature?

You should not use heat in the application process.

How to deal with vinyl around webbing/reinforcements on a curtain?

The truck can only be applied to a regular and flat sheet, not to straps or reinforcements that would alter its thickness, causing possible detachment and water infiltration.

How do we prevent creases/wrinkles when dealing with large graphics?

Only proper application can prevent wrinkles and blisters. The application techniques are the same, however it must always be kept in mind that the material is softer than a normal cast, so use extra caution and work at a temperature no higher than 28 degrees. The material must always be applied on a clean sheet and horizontally on a flat surface.

How do we prevent the graphic from sticking in the wrong places or wrinkling during a dry install?

Graphics sticking in the wrong places is prevented by applying the correct method of application (hinge method), experience and precision.

How does one go about completely covering a curtain with APA? What is the process?

The application to partially or totally cover a sheet is identical. In any case, it is necessary to check the surface state of the cloth so that it is uniform and regular.

How to seal the edges of a curtain for a graphic that extends the full length on the curtain (the portion wrapped around the curtain pole)?

They must not be sealed.

Recommended squeegee?

Soft with felt.

What is the most effective way to remove bubbles?

In case small bubbles form due to an incorrect application, you can try to make very small holes on the bubbles. For large bubbles, you will have to remove and redo the graphics.

How to clean the vinyl when it is applied?

The curtain must be washed with non-aggressive detergents (no solvents or steam washes 100°C) and put much attention to the use of the pressure pistol: an insistent water jet exerted on the borders of the vinyl could create detachments and compromise the adhesion of the decoration. We recommend that you communicate these cleaning instructions of the curtain to the end user.

Can I cut the APA vinyl truck material?

Yes, you can cut it.

What should I never use?

Never use a hairdryer, detergents, never heat the lamination during the application phase. Do not use rough sponges and cloths, abrasive creams or very strong solvents.

What is the correct aftercare for this vinyl?

The surface of the vinyl is delicate and therefore should be treated with care. Avoid rubbing against objects that could cause scratches or ripping of the vinyl beyond repair. An extended exposure to solar rays and to atmospheric agents could provoke a premature aging of the film. In regards to the digital print series, gloss films can lose shine and give a matte appearance. We recommend protecting the decorated surface from the sun and the elements to the greatest extent possible. For good maintenance of the vinyl, regular cleaning is recommended. To maintain the original finish of the vinyl with clear colors it is essential not to allow dirt to accumulate. In order to save the graphics, always roll the banner with graphics face up. Never fold the banner. If a film deterioration should arise, for example, fading, change of color or become brittle, the an immediate removal is recommended.

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