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Ozone output: 3G/Hr

Ozone output could be regulated based customer’s demand.
Digital Ampeter for showing number along with ozone regulated.
Ozone generator is air cooled type unit with portable design, cooling fan will take away the heat which released by ceramic ozone tubes and electric cards.
This equipment uses air as feed gas with built-in oil free air pump. This type is easier and safer to be operated.

Space disinfection: small storage room, hotel, office, meeting room, library, bank, office building, laboratory, station, mall, and other public place. It is also used for air disinfection in plane, steamship, train and other transport tool.

Water treatment: SPA, small swimming pool, well water, home tap water treatment etc.

Control system:
Ampmeter, Switch, Timer, Ozone Output Adjuster, Working LED, Power LED

MOTOR VEHICLES (10 m3) ——————————————— Duration: 20 Min.
AMBULANCES/VANS/MINIBUSES (25 m3) ———————— Duration: 25 Min.
CAMPERS (50 m3) ——————————————————– Duration: 35 Min.
The above suggested intervals may be subject to change in case the environments are particularly old and/or in really bad conditions of hygiene


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