• Ultra-conformable cast adhesive film.
  • Ultra-transparent film.
  • Very glossy.
  • Dry application.
  • Pet Protection Liner.
  • Professional material made in Italy.
  • Apply on a clean and dry surface.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Also suitable for covering polycarbonate motorcycle windshield.

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Ultra Dark version with air-release channels. Extra-gloss, ultra-transparent Cast film for the personalization and protection of car headlights and taillights. This version of APA taillights is equipped with our new PET Protection Liner which keeps the vinyl super glossy and creates less orange peel. APA air-release taillights are able to conform to any shape, just simply add heat. APA taillights are able to be stretched. The air release technology of APA taillights makes the vinyl film highly repositionable and allows the finish to be paint-like. APA taillights can be pulled off during installation and reapplied. The air release technology of APA taillights helps to ensure that you can do a dry application of the taillight film and makes the installation bubble free. APA taillights are 70 microns thick. This material has achieved the classification of reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).


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4" x 8" Sample, 19 in x 5 yrds, 19 in x 10 yrds, 19 in x 25 yrds, 19 in x 32 yrds







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