• Specially designed for US Market
  • Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive film.
  • Equipped with the “ULTRAJET Air free system” which guarantees the total absence of bubbles during installation.
  • Professional material Made in Italy
  • Purchases of several yards will be sold all in one piece.
  • Resistant to water and UV rays.

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Gloss Lunar Rock is an America Special Edition Color.

Are you a big fan of the moon and space? Then we have the perfect color for you: Gloss Lunar Rock. This new color is inspired by the moon, outer space, and all its unchartered territory. Gloss Lunar Rock has a chameleon effect to it: it appears grey in some lights and green in others, and sometimes it even appears to be beige! This chilling color is unique and will make your car stand out on and off the streets.

Gloss Lunar Rock has a new feature! We are excited to introduce our PET protection liner. Our pet protection liner keeps the vinyl super glossy and creates less orange peel!

This film will give a very aggressive look to any vehicle, thanks to its workability it is also possible to cover rounded, curved and shaped surfaces. Made with a special micro-channeled Air Free System that does not create air bubbles during installation. This makes application quick and easy. Also the film can be removed multiple times before it sets on the surface. Thermoformable, the film can also be applied on curved, riveted, shaped and moderately rounded surfaces. The film will become more elastic and stretchable if heated carefully, for example with a heat gun. Make sure to not stand too close to the heat source or heat the vinyl too much. Maximum resistance against all atmospheric agents.

Mainly used for Car Wrap. The film can also be used inside the vehicle for interior door handles, center consoles and dashboards or outside the vehicle for applications such as rear view mirrors, exterior panels, wheel arches, hoods and bumpers.

It is a professional product made in Italy.

The ULTRAJET series features the new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which helps install the material much more faster and cleaner. The series also offer Slidablity feature, that assist in gliding the material in specific positioning. These features create the perfect user friendly technology and provide a much faster and slicker install to any project. Once easily placed, the film adheres to the surface simply by applying pressure with an applicator. Excellent covering power and high mechanical resistance upon application are ensured by its formulation and thickness. Application temperature: suggested between 15° and 28°C. The film is certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).




Material type




Car Wrap, Interior Decorations


  1. Nicole

    FINALLY!!! I have been looking everywhere for this color! Looks AMAZING on my car!!!!

  2. Jonathan

    Amazing. Can’t wait to see it on my car.

  3. Frank

    It stretches very evenly, does not discolor and is surprisingly very scratch resistant. It shrinks back to shape very well, probably the best I’ve seen so far. With all the different materials we have used we usually have at least one complaint, but with this film we have not been able to find anything to dislike about it.

  4. Rick

    Love it!

  5. Amy

    Just ordered it. Thanks

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