We are happy to announce our first color release of the year 2022: Gloss Metallic Racing Green.

Known for being one of the most iconic colors of the automotive world, our Gloss Metallic Racing Green car wrap color is inspired by the green international motor racing color of the United Kingdom (England).

Our Racing Green is also known as British Green and it is similar to Brunswick Green, Hunter Green, Emerald Green, Shamrock Green, Forest Green or Moss Green.

From the Gordon Bennett Cup competitions in the 1990s to the Formula One cars at Jaguar Racing in the 2000s, and to this day, this dark metallic shade of gloss green has delighted many eyes with its richness and influence.

Our Gloss Metallic Racing Green color use our latest Ultrajet technology designed to maximize the results of the car wrap process. Ultrajet technology is made with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which makes the installation process of the material much easier and faster. 

Our UltraJet technology also has a slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position.

APA’s Ultrajet technology works great on both flat and curved surfaces.

The color is available by rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards rolls.

Our Gloss Metallic Racing Green is available by the yard as well. 

Shipping is free on the purchase of full rolls within the US.

We are always working on new colors. Stay tuned for some new releases coming soon!