Did you hear? We have exciting news for you guys and that is… We are releasing 3 NEW CAR WRAP COLORS!
We are more than thrilled to be releasing 3 premium car wrap colors: our Gloss Metallic Billionaire Green, Satin Halo Lavender and Gloss Bimini Teal.
Coming from a wealthy lineage, we present our Gloss Metallic Billionaire Green! This color comes with a top-notch power to influence all of those who surround it. Its majestic green-gold details captivate even the most upscale prominent figures, leaving you with an elite and exclusive legacy to be remembered through generations.
As the halo of the moon can be appreciated from anywhere in the world, our Satin Halo Lavender, comes with its light shade of purple to bring light and holiness into our life. No matter where you are, you will be able to appreciate its soft, clean glow, from wherever you are.
From the hidden gem of the Bahamas islands, our new Gloss Bimini Teal makes its way. It brings with it endless tropical winds and warm Caribbean feelings. This color’s depth takes you directly to the ocean’s blue and green shade of the island for a tropical dive in this pleasant escape.

Our 3 new vinyl colors use our latest Ultrajet technology designed to maximize the results of the car wrap process. Ultrajet technology is made with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which makes the installation process of the material much easier and faster.  Our UltraJet technology also has a slidablity feature, which assists in gliding the vinyl wrapping film material to a specific position. APA’s Ultrajet technology works great on both flat and curved surfaces.

The colors are available by rolls of 18 yards, 27 yards, and 54 yards rolls. Our 3 colors are available by the yard as well. 

Shipping is free on the purchase of full rolls within the US.

We are always working on new colors. Stay tuned for some new releases coming soon!


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Gloss Metallic Billionaire Green

Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive film. Equipped with the “ULTRAJET
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Satin Halo Lavender

Specially designed for US Market Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive
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Gloss Bimini Teal

Specially designed for US Market Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive