It’s time for APA’s Feature Friday time! On Fridays we like to showcase one of our awesome customers here on our website and on our social media pages under the hashtag #APAFeatureFriday. For this week’s Feature Friday we are happy to feature Alex! You can find him on Instagram under the handle @frs_bay !

Alex is the owner of a Scion FRS. Moreover, a cool fact about Alex is that this is his first car project! He actually salvaged the car, saved it from a wreck, and built it from the ground up.

Alex’s Scion is wrapped with APA’s Gloss Sandstorm. Alex and his friends actually wrapped the car themselves. Alex chose Gloss Sandstorm because isn’t a fan of bright colors and wanted something more subtle. He had found a similar color to the Gloss Sandstorm, but it was too light. Therefore, when Alex saw APA’s Gloss Sandstorm he fell in love and knew he had found the perfect shade for his car. Alex loves the color and found the vinyl to be very user friendly.

Stay tuned for next week’s Feature Friday!

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Gloss Sandstorm

Specially designed for US Market Ultra-conformable Cast adhesive